Let's Fix Football 202: Ronaldo and the Analytics Wars to Come ft. Om Arvind


Gabe Lezra and his Managing Madrid Podcast co-host (and worst account on football twitter-nominee) Om Arvind talk about The Financial Times' article about Juventus' Cristiano Ronaldo gamble (from a financial angle). They also stole that article from Gabe. Had to say it!

Juve is banking on a massive increase not just in their own publicity but in Serie A's publicity--but how smart is that gamble? Is the "Cristiano Ronaldo effect" as pronounced as they think?

Also, FIFA dropped some new potential rules to regulate the international player transfer market. They’re weird and really important. We discuss.

They also talk about the ongoing soccer analytics revolution and the fact that some of the friving forces behind the movement are American. Big shoutout to American Soccer Analysis, and their fantastic article on negative and positive Expected Possession Goals (xPG).

Also, Gabe wrote about the coming revolution back in like 2012 for The Atlantic, so read that, too.

AND you know we had to do it! Checkin IN on our main man Registability and football Twitter generally. As always we're #TeamAdam. 

It's Evan's 30th birthday so he's having a third-life crisis and jumping out of a plane (with a parachute), so happy birthday buddy.