Let's Fix Football 201: Season 2 Let's Gooooo

It's Season 2 let's goooooo. 


Petr Cech and Didier Drogba dunked on Registability. Infantino (the guy) went to Washington to meet with the large moist boi i the White House. Infatino (the toy company) hit Gabe up on Twitter. 

It has been a very Let's Fix Football summer, so we had to come back and break it all down. Gabe Lezra and Evan Mateer are back to break down all of the stupid bullshit going on on line, on the pitch and in your hearts. 

There's League of Nations talk. There's Champions League talk. There's MLS, la Liga and EPL talk. And all the dumbass Football Twitter nonsense you could ask for. Coming up this season: that totally normal blend of dumbass jokes about how Sepp Blatter is our dad who beats us and serious lawyertalk about serious things going on in soccer.  

Here we go, Season 2, it's happening.