Let's Fix Football 133: #SaveTheCrew Litigation (ft. Miki Turner)


Host Gabe Lezra talks with attorney and prolific soccer analyst Miki Turner about all the recent updates in the #SaveTheCrew litigation. They touch on everything from the very recent motions (and cross-motions) from the parties (Precourt Sports Ventures and MLS on one side, the city of Columbus and the state of Ohio on the other), the Art Modell Act (ORC 9.67), and game out some endgames as the litigation continues. 

Miki is an attorney in Washington State who writes at SoccerEsq.com; you can follow him on Twitter at @turneresq. We highliy encourage you to follow all of his work on the #SaveTheCrew litigation, as well as other pressing legal matters in US Soccer (including the dreaded NASL anti-trust lawsuit).