BONUS Let's Fix Football 132: The Tehran Derby Show (ft. Shay Khatiri)

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Hosts Gabe Lezra and Evan Mateer are joined by their friend Shay Khatiri to discuss the Iranian government's prohibition on women attending matches, and the regime's recent arrest of 35 women and girls for trying to attend the Tehran Derby. They discuss some of the history of the current Iranian regime since the revolution, and focus on how the regime is responding to the current crisis. 

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They also, of course, take FIFA to task for their tepid response to the arrests, including president Gianni Infantino (twitter handle @Infantino) and his hard-to-defend reaction while he was attending the match. They end the discussion with a conversation on FIFA's role in internal policy-making (hi Jerome Valcke), and how to go about discussing and criticizing governments like Iran's without feeding into the racist, islamophobic agenda that many people in the United States are pushing. 

Be sure to follow Open Stadiums on Twitter, and Shireen Ahmed, who does amazing work on this topic. 

Shay is pursuing an MA at the Johns Hopkins School of International Studies focusing on international policy towards the Iranian regime, and is also a MBA candidate at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. 

PLUS: Actual Zlatan ASMR at the end of the show, and why liking your own tweets is a power move.