Let's Fix Football 117: FIFAfellas

Hosts Gabe Lezra and Evan Mateer are joined by their friend Ernesto Alvarado to talk about everything from Antoine Greizmann's absurd blackface costume, the FIFA trial, and Gabe's articles on the Columbus Crew. 

Gabe and Ernesto start with a long chat about Greizmann and racism, delving into the culture that would allow or even encourage the costume, the incredibly flawed misconception that this constume is some how OK or justified, and they break down some of the myriad shit takes from old white dudes about Greizmann. 

Then they're joined by Evan to break down the latest developments in the FIFA scandal coming out of federal court in Brooklyn. Both sides delivered closing arguments earlier in the week and it's really up in the air how it might shake out. Oh, and FIFA is incredibly mobbed up. 

They end by chatting about Gabe's new articles on the Columbus crew and some out-there plans to potentially #SaveTheCrew.