Let's Fix Football 115: Arsenal fan RAAAAAGE!

On this week's show, hosts Gabe Lezra and Evan Mateer talk about ex-USSF President Sunil Gulati's really good decision to resign, and the incredibly unacceptable way he decided to go about it. Also funny: the absolutely obnoxous Alexi Lalas-related meltdown that followed. 

Then--it's Arsenal fan RAAAAGE as they break down the absolutely hilarious "controversy" of Arsenal fans frothing anger at the hosts of BBC Match of the Day following their discussion Arsenal's 3-1 loss against Manchester United. Arsenal fan twitter was so enraged at the MotD coverage that they got every single middle-aged ex-player professional analyst host to have their own Twitter meltdown. 

And then it's Balon d'Or discussion time as we have a whole bunch of dumb shit takes about Cristiano Ronaldo's 100% correct and fair 5th BdO